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larry bowdish 06-19-07 06:30 AM

Flying to Iceland
Brian VonHerzon is once again winging his way across the north. This time, Brian is providing us with updates, and great photography, via his blog. I think it is interesting reading, and great photography. I thought you folks might be interested, as well.

hharney 06-19-07 11:13 PM

Thanks Larry for posting this
How very interesting and almost a little envy

All I can say is tomorrow I just go back to the same place called work and put in my 8 or 9 hours while these guys are like pioneers in a unforsaken world never before inhabited. Now think about it ....... who's smarter?

Ernie Martin 06-20-07 09:20 PM


At the OKC meeting in 2004 Brian asked me if I wanted to go on his next trip. He might be still looking for a co-pilot for some of his Atlantic crossings.


hharney 06-20-07 11:06 PM

Some day for sure. It would be nice to go with someone like Brian who has the experience.

BTW, Borat is on the way

larry bowdish 06-21-07 02:10 PM

Brian was soliciting volunteers for this trip, as well.


The BLOG gets updated frequently. Brian will be far north for the summer solstice. If you have not read it recently, it is interesting. I'm not certain I would like to go Kayaking with ice bergs.

larry bowdish 06-30-07 06:36 AM

The intrepid aviator is now on the island of Grimsey, north of the Artic Circle.

Great photography.

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