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I am a bit confused by the VFR arrival to Mun n Fun. The notam states that we can basically choose our altitude (100 kts 1200MSL) or (150kts at 1700msl) so that's pure choice. But then it goes on to say that if it gets backed up, all twins regardless of speed are to hold at 2200Msl over Lake Parker, and or 3000 Msl over Lake Hancock.

The notam describes how if you are instructed to hold, you are to essentially "follow the leader". But that's not going to work because if one of us is following at 1200msl, or 1700msl we will be required to climb to 2200msl or 3000msl depending on where we are held. I can't imagine that they want us to climb in the hold. So what's the dealeo ? We arrive at 3000, then step down when we don't get held, to then be bounced back up to 3000 a minute later if a delay develops ? Maybe it's too late in the day, but this doesn't look quite right.

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