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We think the sites below may be of particular interest to Skymaster owners and pilots. If you have a suggestion for another site, please let us know.

(The webmasters of this site have not received any compensation of any kind from the commercial sites listed here, except as noted. Presentation of these sites is not a recommendation or endorsement, comments below are author's opinions only.)

  Unofficial Cessna Skymaster Web Site    
  Peter Olding's original Skymaster site. Lots of pictures, registration lists, other good data on Skymaster. FAQ message archive. A great site that has been serving the Skymaster community well for several years.  
  O-2 Skymaster Site    
  Lots of great stuff on the military version of the 337, the O-2.  
  Commodore Aerospace/Don Nieser    
  Great source of Skymastere and especially O-2 parts and expertise.    
  Teledyne Continental Motors  
  Engine manufacturer for the Skymaster and O-2. (link suggested by Gmas)  
  Skyrocket LLC    
  Skymaster modifier, holder of Riley STCs (air conditioning, intercoolers, inflatable door seals, pressurized mags, big engines). Offers fully refurbished, "better than new" Skymasters.  
  Tule River Aero-Industries  
  Tule River Aero was the production facility for the Riley (Skyrocket LLC) Super Skyrocket Cessna 337 until recently. They also offer a full range of services for Skymaster owners, including maintenance (annuals, etc), radio work, modifications, etc. (Contributed by Dave Farrar of Tule River.)  
  Recurrent Training Center      
  Offers centerline thrust simulator training. We have attended three times, and found it to be excellent, real world training.  
  RT Aerospace  
  Skymaster modifier. Best known for gear door removal STC, also offers cargo pod, P337 baggage door, rear bench seat, more...  
  Skymaster Center  
  Bill Crews has been brokering and selling Skymasters for many years, and knows the aircraft very well.  
  Aviation Training Management, Inc.  
  Offers initial and recurrent training for Skymasters, in your airplane at your location, or theirs.  


Paul Rooy, a Skymaster owner and frequent contributor to this site, as well as one of the founding members of SOAP, has written a book on his experiences flying medical supplies into Mexico.

(Disclaimer: Kevin Mackenzie, the founder of this 337Skymaster website, was paid to design Paul's web site, and is paid to take book orders for him.)

  Skymaster US Website  

Ernie Martin's Skymaster web site. Info on Bahamas fly-in, articles on fuel supply management, checklists. Backup site for this site. If there are technical difficulties on 337skymaster.com, look for updates here.

  Power Pac Spoilers    
  When it's time to descend, you will be glad you have Power Pac Spoilers. STC'd for all Cessna 337's    

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