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  Date Change/Addition
  11/19/06 Major additions were made to the 2007 SOAPA Meeting and Fly-in page, with information on the agenda and hotels.
  10/24/06 Site modified to announce the 2007 SOAPA Meeting and Fly-in.
  9/23/06 Site donated to the Skymaster Owners and Pilots Association (SOAPA).
  6/4/06 Oops, forgot to keep this log up. We had several updates in 2006 for the 2006 SOAPA fly-in. Because my time has become limited, the calendar page is no longer kept up, an we are linking to Larry's site for a report on the SOAPA fly-in from "one who was there".
  8/21/05 Updated calendar page.
  6/15/05 SOAPA 2005 article and pictures posted.
  3/5/05 Initial posting of SOAPA 2005 announcement

Updated For What It's Worth
Added David McClay's 336 to Pictures page
Added P337H Checklist and Training Book to Technical Data
Added short article on Cleveland Air Race win by Skymaster to home page
Updated Calendar page
Added information about SOAPA 2005 in Key West

  7/17/04 Arlington pictures added.
  6/17/04 Added picture from 2004 SOAPA fly-in.
Added Rutan Defiant article contributed by David Orr.
  4/11/04 Added Commodore Aerospace information to Web Sites section.
  2/28/04 Removed videos because of loss of bandwidth contribution. Updated information on OKC 2004, added completed agenda.
  2/2/04 Added information on Oklahoma City 2004 meeting.
  1/27/04 Calendar page updated.
  1/7/04 Added "336 Undershoot" movie.
  12/27/03 Updated "For What It's Worth", including registration counts.
  12/23/03 Moved "Skymasters in Northern Australia" to articles section.
Added analysis of Skymaster accident record to articles section.
  10/17/03 Updated Acknowledgments page and added information about corporate sponsorship and the "mailing fund". Check and updated links on Web Sites page.
  9/25/03 Updated Acknowledgments page and About Site page.
  9/17/03 Added movie of P337 takeoff to Pictures page.
  9/16/03 Added pictures of webmaster '73 P337 paint scheme by request.
  8/16/03 Added article to go with Northern Australia picture on home page.
  7/3/03 Added Arlington to Calendar page
  6/23/03 Posted images of Nashville 2003 Meeting agenda
  6/1/03 Changed pictures on home page.
  4/25/03 Added info on Nanaimo Fly-In
  4/24/03 Added pictures from Nashville 2003 Fly-in
  4/20/03 Updated Nashville 2003 agenda to remove "Expectations of an ARTCC Controller" and add "AOPA Airport Support Network"
  4/19/03 Updated calendar, added new registrants to Nashville page, added pink skymaster to home page, and Memories of 862 article.
  3/8/03 Posted complete Nashville 2003 event agenda and other updated information. Then posted more revisions later the same day.
  2/12/03 Added FAA ACS and Maint Alert on flap cable failure to Tech Data page, and email thread for comment.
  2/11/03 Added news item about ACS on flap cable failure.
  1/28/03 Changed pictures on home page, updated Nashville attendee list.
  11/28/02 Removed Cessna service bulletin at their request.
  11/22/02 Updated Nashville 2003 page, and added news item about AD spreadsheet.

Updated various pages of site to provide information on Nashville 2003 meeting

Updated For What It's Worth price data from Fall 2002 Vref

  10/29/02 Added MEB02-7 (Landing Gear Actuator) to Technical Data and News
  10/7/02 Added Oshkosh 2002 pictures, link to Continental motors, MT (composite) prop pictures and picture/drawings of webmaster's paint scheme.
  9/2/02 Info on Jim Stack's instrument cluster replacement.

Added article about CPA Systems & Procedures Course 2002.

Updated Calendar page to show who is attending Oshkosh.

Added article about Recurrent Training Center

Added pictures of Ray Torres' R/C O-2 model, and of Glassair struck by lightning

  6/9/02 Added article about Nanaimo Fly-in.

Added Technical Data page, with AC 43-13 link and documents submitted by GMAs and Bob Cook, as well as Shadin wiring diagrams submitted by Rick Bell.

Added material on Interception Hand Signals provided by Bob Cook (Articles Page).

Added article on Skymasters submitted by Venezuelan Ricardo Guinand (Articles Page).

  6/3/02 Updated For What It's Worth to Summer 2002 figures. Very little change. Added Activity (number that changed hands) figures.
  5/31/02 Added more pictures of mods to Aviation Enterprises (Owen Bell) page.

Added Shadin to web site page.

Added COO to aircraft resources page.

Added Airnav.com to pilot resources page.

Added Frank Benvin's picture of CF-VRL to frontpage.


Added Bahamas Fly-in group picture captioned with names of attendees.

Added captions to Bob Cooks pictures.


Added Bahamas Fly-in pictures from Bob Cook.

Added logo picture brightened by Ernie Martin.

  5/19/02 Added Bahamas Fly-in pictures from Larry Bowdish on Articles, Pictures pages.

Added Bahamas Fly-in pictures and article on Pictures and Articles pages.

Added pictures of turbine Skymasters on Pictures page.

Added "Who will be where" section to Calendar page. Shows which members of site have indicated they will be a what event.

Added Cayman Caravan to calendar page.

Turned on "vB codes", "Smilies" and "Icons" for messages. If you don't know what these are, explanations are in the FAQ, in the section titled "Reading and Posting Messages". Turned these on by request from some users, hope they don't make the board too complicated for others tastes...

Added picture of Kevin and his airplane to Site Info page.

  5/7/02 Added Articles and Pictures pages
  5/5/02 Updated Calendar page, News page
  5/3/02 Updated For What It's Worth page based on Vref values.
  5/1/02 Added temporary web page for Owen Bell with data he provided (Web Sites page)

-Added What's New link/page.
-Updated News.
-Added Tule River Aero-Industries to Web Sites.
-Added Power-pac Spoilers to Web Sites.
-Added equipped.org to Pilot Resources.

  4/21/02 Named site custodians (Bob Cook and Larry Bowdish) on Site Info page.
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