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This section of the site is devoted to technical data related to Cessna Skymaster and O-2 aircraft. If you have something you would like to share, please email us.

P337H Checklist and Training Book
Contributed by Willem C.J.M. Van Genk CFII-ATP
(Use this material at your own risk. Always follow manufacturer's recommendations.)

P337H Checklist (click for document)
P337H Training Book (click for document)

Airworthiness Concern Sheet for 336/337 flap cable failure

Click here for document. Airworthiness Concern Sheets (ACS) are distributed to the user community to collect information that may or may not lead to further action by the FAA, such as Airworthiness Directives (AD). Your answers to the questions in this document and other comments are solicited by the FAA. Please comment using the message thread in the Messages section of the Message Board titled Flap Cable ACS. The FAA engineer who issued the ACS, as well as Tom Carr at CPA, will receive and are interested in your comments.

FAA Maintenance Alert on 336/337 flap cables

Click here for document. The artwork referred to in this document is missing, but it is the figure from AC43-13 that shows inspecting the cable by looping to
check for broken strands internal to the cable. DOC and PDF versions of this section are available below.

Cessna Service Bulletin MEB02-7 Main Landing Gear Actuator Inspection

This service bulletin is no longer available on this site, see below for explanation.

We initially received permission to post Service Bulletins on this site from Cessna's public relations department. A week or so after we ordered the service bulletin subscription, we received email from Tom Wakefield, Cessna VP and General Counsel informing us that the person who gave us permission did not have the authority to do so, and that we did not have permission to post Cessna's copyrighted service bulletin material. Accordingly, the material has been removed from the site. We obviously are disappointed by this decision. We emailed Mr. Wakefield asking him to reconsider his decision (begged him, actually), and copied his boss, Russ Meyer, CEO of Cessna. In that email, we also asked if Cessna would like to provide a statement for this site, explaining their actions. Mr. Wakefield's response is shown in quotes below.

"Cessna does not and it does not allow others to post its service letters and
bulletins on websites. Cessna has a full range of copyrighted service
publications available for owners, including subscriptions to Service
letters and bulletins. Cessna directly distributes such publications to
ensure that accurate, correct, and complete service information is provided
to individual owners for their specific aircraft. If you would like more
information about Cessna copyrighted service publications, please contact
Cessna Customer Services, Telephone No. 316/517-5800 or Facsimile No.

Cessna contacts:

Tom Wakefield (twakefield@cessna.textron.com)
Mr. Wakefield copied his boss, Russ Meyer, CEO of Cessna, using this email address (DDrinkwater@cessna.textron.com) which shows in the email as Russ Meyer (Chairman).

FAA AC 43-13 Acceptable Methods...Aircraft Inspection and Repair

Note: The 43-13 files in this section are big. Gmas file is 1.4 Mb. First link in list of files contributed by Bob Cook (control cable inspection) is the same as Gmas document, but only 435K in PDF format. Other Cook files are as much as 400K. So if you download these files via a dialup connection, please be prepared to be patient...

  Link to FAA web site with entire Advisory Circular
Contributed by Gmas
  Word version of cable inspection and repair section
FAA document contributed by Gmas
  PDF versions of various section of AC 43-13
FAA documents converted and contributed by Bob Cook
    Control cable inspection
Basic corrosion measures
Corrosion inspection
Corrosion removal
Cable inspection
Inspection and maintenance of landing gear
Human factors as they relate to maintenance

Shadin Digiflo Fuel Flow Indicator Wiring Diagrams
Shadin documents scanned and contributed by Rick Bell

Sorry, these scans are not the best resolution.

    Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

Mitchell Instrument Cluster Replacement in 1967 C337
Contributed by Jim Stack.

Description of instrument cluster (oil pressure, temp, fuel qty, etc.) replacement on C337. From the FAA 337 form. 337 available from FAA records, but cannot be provided here.

    Installation Description (Word document) This is a 10 MB file, it may take some time to download or open, depending on your connection speed.
    Electrical System Schematic (PCX format).
    Cluster Schematic (PCX format).
    Cluster Shematic (Visio format). Same as PCX drawing above.
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